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Suzanne and Sandi are two online friends; married to two different Daves and who decided to document their lives week to week this year.

My name is Suzanne and I'm married to my awesome husband Dave for almost 5 years. We have a 6 year old puggle named Jax and are awaiting the adoption of our first child. I'm a first grade teacher by day and a paper crafter by night. Project life always interested me, but it always scared me because I thought it would take away the creativity that I really love about scrapbooking. As the trend REALLY caught on - I realized that what I loved MORE about scrapbooking was displaying our photos and telling our life's story... which sort of has gotten lost this past year (major slump from being overwhelmed with so many supplies, photos and the constant need to "catch up"). Deciding to do Project Life in 2013 has rekindled my love of this hobby and going to bring the best of both words -- documenting and creating :) You can see all my Project Life layouts and many more projects at my blog Scrap With Suzy. I'm excited to start this blog with my friend, and fellow "Project Lifer" to connect and inspire other week to week scrapbookers!


Hi from the sunny state of Florida!  My name is Sandi and Suzanne & I have been online friends for nearly 6 years. My husband Dave and I are "empty-nesters" and we work together for the largest building material supplier in the US.  He is our warehouse manager and I am in inside sales.  We work a long 50 hour week with nearly another 10 hours of commute time.  After being together all day we pursue our own interests many evenings when we get home.  I will go to my scrap room if I am energetic enough to work on something.  That is what I like about Project Life....I can work a little on a page every night and feel like I am being creative and accomplishing something.  I still create traditional layouts but save those projects usually for the weekend.  I love to document our life even if it is a quiet and peaceful one (i.e. boring).  We do a fair amount of traveling and in Florida there is always something to go and see on the weekend.  You can check out my creative endeavors on my blog Slightly Off Center.  I am excited to inspire you and hopefully make lots of new friends among the Project Lifers out there.

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